[Complete - Full] RJ123426 - Lily Knight Saga

Jan 9, 2018
DLSite: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ123426.html
Patch download: http://dbr.ee/7ep2

Decided to do another Tsukinomizu game, this time stepping back to a previous game of theirs, Lily Knight Saga. This game is ever so slightly larger than Naedoko(RJ165659), which means it's quite a lengthy and involved game. As with other Tsukinomizu games, there is heavy presence of tentacles/yuri/futanari throughout all the scenes. Compared to Naedoko, Lily Knight Saga has a bit more yuri and scenes involving dicks and less pregnancy scenes. I did not base this patch off of any existing partial patch for the game.

What is not translated:
-The text in the monster encyclopedia
-The image text for difficulty select/weapon select (there are descriptions in the provided readme for both)
-Some text on images for map select locations.

I have no plans to do the monster encyclopedia. If someone with good photoshop skills wants to help with the remaining images that could be helpful, though.

I kept the term "Magical Touch" for now from Naedoko since I can't come up with anything I'm happy with.

This is a rather large game and while I played through it twice, I'm sure I missed some spelling problems and grammar issues throughout. If you notice any, please let me know where and what they are and I'll fix them.

Disclaimer: I'm still what I would consider a beginner/intermediate when it comes to Japanese. I liberally use wwwjdic and online dictionaries to help, so expect some inaccuracies. I spend more time on story dialogue to get it right than generic NPC speech, though. If you have any edits or things I can fix, I won't take any offense, please post/let me know.
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Dec 11, 2016
For help with those who can think of a clever term, 魔 is used in words like 魔法 (magic) and 魔王 (Demon/Devil King) and 族(Devil or Demon). 触 is part of 触手, which means tentacle. So basically something like a supernatural/magical tentacle. Only a term that doesn't sound as stupid as Magical Touch. Worst case scenario, I might just use an untranslated Mashoku.
IMHO leave it as romanized pronunciation. The only translations coming to mind just sound funny to me, the only thing that doesn't sound ridiculous in English to me would just be simply tentacle monster. But that is kinda lame sounding in its own way. So Id just leave it untranslated, at least it sounds a bit menacing that way.

Edit: Also thanks for the release. I'd not actually played this, and now I have an excuse to ^^
Dec 31, 2008
Mashoku seems fine to me. There isn't really a way to make it sound natural in English and since it's referring to specific entities you can simply use it as a race name like we do with orc or goblin.


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Jul 15, 2012
The basic issue with translating 魔触 is that Japanese is a language where names can have inherent meaning from the Kanji used to write them. English does not have that, so there isn't going to be a direct translation that preserves nuance - especially the nuance about these tentacles having some kind of magical touch (which seems to be the case, I think). So transliterating to Mashoku (or even Masawa) and explaining what it means when it's first used is a fair enough translation.

The alternative is that just as 魔触 is a portmanteau of 魔法/魔族 and 触手, you can use a portmanteau of Magic/Demon and Tentacle. These aren't words that portmanteau together naturally though. I can come up with the following that don't sound completely terrible: Magitentacle, Magatentacle, Demonitentacle, Demontacle, or Demonicle - with Demonicle probably being my favourite sounding.
Sep 29, 2016
Since it's not a real word either way, it might be fun to forgo the English equivalents that don't exist and put it in something like Latin, like "Malefica Flagelli" (black-magic tentacles) or "Venenata Adnexo" (bewitched feelers). Referring to them as the Malefica or something would also be interesting.

If not that, squishy squishy fun rods could work too.
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May 18, 2018
No input on the translation nuance discussion, just want to chime in that this game looks awesome, and I'm looking forward to the finished translation!
Feb 24, 2018
Yes. This is amazing. I love the works from this circle. I'm even slowly making my way through Gemini Fort to try and learn japanese. So this is definitely good news.
Jan 9, 2018
The main story is 100% translated, as are the skills, items and equipment. All H-scenes are finished except for 4. All that remains are a couple optional bath conversation scenes and a few post-game events. After that it will take a while to play through from start to finish for the final editing check.


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Jun 24, 2010
Eagerly anticipating the results, thanks for your efforts.

Any chance you can share what you have so far, or do you prefer to do testing yourself?
Jan 9, 2018
It's not really caught up with real life things - The last part of it just isn't that interesting (tutorials, panty descriptions, etc...) that it's hard to summon up the desire to do it. But I've slowly been doing a little bit of each day to finish it off.